Most Expensive Luxury Jewelry in the World – Most Expensive Ring and Necklace in the World

All the gems are different, and this is the reason why people and especially women like jewelries so much. As the difference between elegance and ridiculousness is made by accessories, here are the most exclusive luxury jewelry pieces in the world:

The Chopard ring was evaluated at 17 million dollars, being 16 times more expensive than the Van Cheef Arpels necklace, which costs “only” 1.8 million dollars. Both those pieces would be the pride of every collection, and the main attraction would be the Chopard diamond, with a value of 2 million dollars.

Most Expensive Diamond Ring

The Burma ruby has 41 karats, and it is mounted on a necklace of 155 karats. It is the most important piece of the Bruma collection, one of the most appreciated luxury jewelry manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The stone comes with two different reports made by Swiss evaluators, attesting the rarity of the gem.

Most Expensive Burmese Ruby Necklace
Most Expensive Burmese Ruby Necklace

Neil Lante made the most expensive diamonds necklace in the world, which costs 4 million dollars. The Neil Lante Company rents jewelries for Hollywood stars, jewelries that are worn by those actors for important events. This piece contains six parts made of white gold, and the diamonds are cut in the most diverse forms.

DeBeers is the necklace of Marie Antoinette Queen. The French queen of excess bought this platinum necklace for $3.7 million, decorated with 8 karats diamonds, and with two yellow oval diamonds of 7 karats. This luxury jewelry has 180 karats, being one of the most appreciated vanity luxury jewelry in the world.

Most Expensive Necklace

Luxury Gadgets – The Most Expensive Luxury Gadgets in the World

New luxury gadgets for your collection

As in the world we are living in, it is important to have a good image; you know that a gadget is not only an electronic device. Today, the gadgets are a part of the everyday outfit, and this is why it has to look astonishing. Here are the most expensive luxury gadgets in the world.

Apple iPhone with Gold and Diamonds
Apple iPhone with Gold and Diamonds

It is the most expensive cell phone in the world. It is a personalized iPhone, as it is decorated in the most opulent way possible. It is unique, and it was ordered by an Australian billionaire, which wanted his name to be known. And the impact was the expected one. As long as you pay 1.92 million euros for a phone, your name will be heard.

Bang Olufsen Beosound 24ct Gold Diamond Edition
Bang Olufsen Beosound 24ct Gold Diamond Edition

The most expensive audio system in the world is one of the luxury gadgets that are wanted by any person. They are covered in Gold, and they are decorated with diamonds. The price is 1.4 million euro, but you need patience. The waiting time for this set is 7 months and only 5 sets of this kind will be made.

Camael Gold iPad
Camael Gold iPad

Of course, an iPad must be a part of the luxury gadgets list. Camael managed to create this device. This jeweler is known for his extravagances, as he can decorate practically any gadget, from Blackberry phones to iPods. This piece costs about 850 000 euros. However, there is also a cheaper version available of “only” 100 000 euros.

Top Luxury Eyewear – Most Expensive Luxury Eyewear in the World

Most expensive luxury eyewear in the world

Everybody likes sunglasses, as well as other accessories of this type. However, when it comes to luxury eyewear, we can find some great pieces that are really astonishing. Even if it might sound weird, eyewear might sometimes cost more than any other accessory in your dressing. Let’s see the most expensive eyewear in the world, and what makes those items so special.

Luxuriator Style 23 Sunglasses – $65,000
Luxuriator Style 23 Sunglasses

The huge price comes from the 130 diamonds that were used to decorate those glasses. One of the diamonds weight 2 karats, making this the most expensive luxury eyewear in the world.

Moss Lipow Sunglasses – $3800
Moss Lipow Sunglasses

The New York designer Moss Lipow made this luxury eyewear, and it costs about $3800. Lipow is also known for its impressive collection of sunglasses, a collection that is considered the most valuable in the world. It is inspired from the rock-and-roll era, and it has the vintage look that makes it so attractive.

Chrome Hearts Kufannaw II Sunglasses – $1,350
Chrome Hearts Kufannaw II Sunglasses

Chrome Hearts is an exclusive manufacturer; therefore, they need to be on this list. It has an exclusive floral motif, and the rims are made o titanium and silver. The difference is made by the wooden temples.

Louis Vuitton Evasion Sunglasses – $1,200
Louis Vuitton Evasion Sunglasses

Of course, Luis Vuitton can’t miss the list of the most expensive eyewear accessories. The titanium frames make the difference, and the obtained effect is great!

Of course, the list can continue, as any major fashion designer needs at least a piece of those expensive sunglasses in his or hers collection.