Luxury Spas and Spa Treatments – Most Expensive Spa Treatments in the World

If you’re looking for a place to alleviate stress and just unwind, luxury spa hotels or spa resorts may be the right places for you. These days, luxury spas have become popular by offering a wide variety of treatments. In a luxury spa, you can choose spa packages that best suit your needs; it helps to relieve your stress and ordinary worries while enjoying a couple of hours of spa treatment and therapy. Spa vacations offer us a break from our hectic lives, and a chance to detoxify and rejuvenate. Some of the best spa and exotic luxury spa hotels can be found in places like Dubai, Cancun, Bali and even in European cities, such as London.

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Some of the most expensive spa treatments in the world are:

Gold Facial

Facials are always popular at spas as a great way to relax and get smooth and cleaner skin. UMO America’s famous facial uses 24-karat gold. To do this, Umo America uses innovative Japanese technology called Gamma PGA/Nano Mist technology. The Nano mist penetrates deep into the skin, and then gold is massaged gently into your skin until it completely disappeared. UMO America Company behind the facial – claimed that the procedure will result in firmer, brighter and softer skin.

Golden Facial

Sparkling Massage

Santa Monica spa California is offering a diamond massage where $1million worth of loose diamonds placed along the spine while a masseuse gently massages your back. The procedure claims to rid the body of “electromagnetic toxins” from the everyday exposure to cell phones, computers and microwaves. Not surprisingly, it’s a popular luxury among Hollywood stars and the well-to-do.

Diamond Massage

Beer Bath

Every man dream of bath spa treatment is one of the latest and most expensive spa treatments. The treatment takes place at a family brewery in the Czech Republic. The beer spa treatment includes a 20-minute beer bath, a 25-minute bed rest, covered in a fleece quilt, in a dim lit room and finally a 30-50 minutes massage. The beer bath is also enriched by a batch of active beer yeast and a mixture of dehydrated crushed herbs. The beer provides a range of vitamins and proteins which softens and regenerates the skin.

Beer Bath

Wine Bath

If you prefer wine over beer consider a wine bath instead. The treatment makes use of the grape seed which is full of antioxidants and helps to slow the aging of skin. Wine Bath treatments consist of grape and red vine extracts as well as organic essential oils.

Wine Bath

Caviar Hair Treatment

Washing your hair with regular shampoos just doesn’t cut it anymore either. Luxury spa in London offers treatment for shiny hair using truffles and caviar. Most people can’t even afford to eat these delicacies. Caviar, packed with omega 3, is brought in fresh from Iran just days before your appointment. Hair first washes using truffle-based shampoo. Then caviar is smeared on, combed through and left to set. If you are worried about the doer then fear not as the eggs are liquefied prior to use to get rid of the smell.

Caviar Hair Treatment

Dessert without Calories

Aroma-Listic Day Spa and Salon in Agoura Hills, California giving a type of treatment called “Dessert without Calories” uses white chocolate raspberry truffle mix for body treatment. The 60 minute pedicure follows on from an all over white chocolate raspberry truffle body treatment.