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Skiing holidays is one of the most enjoyable family vacations. Most ski vacations are for 7 days and it is extremely important to pick the right ski accommodation. Staying in a chalet is a great choice because it offers the comfort and convenience of a “home away from home.”

Chalet is a wooden home with a sloped roof and overhanging eaves, common in Switzerland, France but these days chalet found in many other countries like USA, Canada, and Italy etc. The traditional and fairly basic chalets of old are still exist but luxury ski chalets usually comes with many additional perks such as Jacuzzis and hot tubs, swimming pools, gym, private balconies and en suite wet rooms, games rooms and bedside log fires etc. Size of luxury chalets accommodation varies, a large chalets can accommodate up to 10 people, another 20 or even 30 as such. Also can choose a self-catering or catered chalet ski accommodations at any luxury chalet rental. The majority of chalet vacations are of self-catering other than staff only making an appearance to change bed linen, change towels and clean. But luxury ski catered chalets services that include: pick up at the airport, mini-vans to the lifts, personal concierge, serving food and drinks. The catered luxury chalets even provide a full staff including a personal chef.

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