Most Expensive Luxury Jewelry in the World – Most Expensive Ring and Necklace in the World

All the gems are different, and this is the reason why people and especially women like jewelries so much. As the difference between elegance and ridiculousness is made by accessories, here are the most exclusive luxury jewelry pieces in the world:

The Chopard ring was evaluated at 17 million dollars, being 16 times more expensive than the Van Cheef Arpels necklace, which costs “only” 1.8 million dollars. Both those pieces would be the pride of every collection, and the main attraction would be the Chopard diamond, with a value of 2 million dollars.

Most Expensive Diamond Ring

The Burma ruby has 41 karats, and it is mounted on a necklace of 155 karats. It is the most important piece of the Bruma collection, one of the most appreciated luxury jewelry manufacturer in the United Kingdom. The stone comes with two different reports made by Swiss evaluators, attesting the rarity of the gem.

Most Expensive Burmese Ruby Necklace
Most Expensive Burmese Ruby Necklace

Neil Lante made the most expensive diamonds necklace in the world, which costs 4 million dollars. The Neil Lante Company rents jewelries for Hollywood stars, jewelries that are worn by those actors for important events. This piece contains six parts made of white gold, and the diamonds are cut in the most diverse forms.

DeBeers is the necklace of Marie Antoinette Queen. The French queen of excess bought this platinum necklace for $3.7 million, decorated with 8 karats diamonds, and with two yellow oval diamonds of 7 karats. This luxury jewelry has 180 karats, being one of the most appreciated vanity luxury jewelry in the world.

Most Expensive Necklace

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